Chore Chart–for Adults

My friend Vanessa has been ever so kind as to share her blog toolkit for life, love, and home. Inspired by her post, I created a monthly Chore Chart that is modifiable in word. I took the monthly chart from clean momma and modified it slightly. Hopefully it will help you and yours. I am going to give it a spin and then report back. 🙂

Update: introduced the chart to LB last night and it spawned a most interesting discussion. A few of the memorable quotes were: “You thrive under structure, and I hate it.” Clearly, this is totally true. I am a lawyer (almost) and I LOVE structure. It’s why I kick butt in school. Give me a to-do list and I am your girl.

“It makes me want to throw a fit like a two year old when anyone tries to tell me what to do.” This is going to make for a very interesting future for the two of us since I HATE being told what to do by LB, but other people who are “allowed” to tell me what to do?… oh, that I can take all day long!

We are committing to doing the chart for a month and successfully tackled the first Wednesday… I even threw out a TON of cosmetic products!


**Update: I updated the chart in June 2014. You can find the updated one here!

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