Spring 2016 House Tour

Guys. We are putting our house on the market. I’m super nervous. Like almost can’t talk about it, I am so nervous. In order to help assuage my jitters, we had the one and only Preston Utley come take some interior pictures of our house. They turned out GORGEOUS… so gorgeous in fact, that I am giving you an updated house tour… an realizing how many things I never updated you all on. #blamelyla

Speaking of that sweet babe, let’s start in her room.

Lyla’s Room:




Upstairs Bathroom:

house-of-bennetts-007 house-of-bennetts-006 house-of-bennetts-005 house-of-bennetts-004

Master Bedroom:

house-of-bennetts-008 house-of-bennetts-012 house-of-bennetts-011  house-of-bennetts-009


house-of-bennetts-013 house-of-bennetts-015 house-of-bennetts-014



house-of-bennetts-020house-of-bennetts-022 house-of-bennetts-021   house-of-bennetts-018 house-of-bennetts-017


house-of-bennetts-023 house-of-bennetts-026 house-of-bennetts-025 house-of-bennetts-024

Basement Bedroom:

house-of-bennetts-027 house-of-bennetts-028

Basement Workout Room:


Basement Bathroom:

house-of-bennetts-030 house-of-bennetts-031

Basement Living Room:

house-of-bennetts-032  house-of-bennetts-035

Basement Kitchen, Dining, Laundry:

house-of-bennetts-034 house-of-bennetts-036 house-of-bennetts-037


I realized that I was going to go through and link all of these different areas to the various projects, but I just don’t have time (sleep trumps blogging), so if you are looking for more information on something, just search for it in the search bar (top right). <— this is the laziest thing I have ever said.



Bathroom Reveal! Downstairs!

You might be confused by us. That is normal. We are not. We ended up accidentally tackling both bathrooms in our house at the same time. Woops.

You saw our gorgeous upstairs gut job last week and here comes our surprise downstairs one…


The story has already been told, but it all started with a wee bit of mold #thanksformerhomeownerswhouseddrywallbehindthetileintheshower


We had our go-to cheap labor guy, Mario, come in and do the cement board the tiling.


I loved the heftiness of this tile for this small shower. And yes, it’s small. It just is. But at least now it has cement board for the love.


Once the shower was done, LB said, “Hey. It looks simple. Let’s just replace the peel and stick tile that is down here with something more updated.” Simple, it was not. It took us too many hours to possibly count to replace that peel and stick nonsense.

The end result looks great though. A definite upgrade.


LB also said, well, let’s get a for real vanity down here too instead of that pedestal sink. (We are not pedestal sink people… no storage!). And a new light fixture that is chrome, and new accessories. So basically, this ended up being a total redo as well.


The one thing that stinks about this redo, was that we lost the shower door. The new tile was thicker than the last stuff and the door just would not fit back on there. A new door would cost us upwards of $600 which we just don’t have right now after redoing both bathrooms unexpectedly. So for now, the door. She waits.

I am still glad that we ended up clearing up the mold issue down here regardless of whether it was planned or not. The improvement is noticeable!




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